What is Standard RV Garage Size? (The Best Guide with Data!)

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What Size Garage Is Needed for an RV?

If you love RVing, just not full time, then you need to seriously consider investing in an RV garage. So, what size garage is needed for an RV? Is there a standard RV garage size?

There is no standard RV garage size because there is no standard RV size. The RV garage size depends on the dimensions of your RV. However, I have some guidelines for each RV type, that you can follow.

Simply speaking, the bigger the better. Leave as much clearance as you possibly can. An RV garage, 6’-8’ wider than the RV width, 10’-12’ deeper than the RV length and 4’ taller than the  RV height would give you enough space to work on your RV within the garage.’  

Accordingly the garage door should be around 2’-4′ wider and 2’ taller than your RV.

Standard RV Garage Size

If you are OK with a tight fit, then you could manage with an RV garage that is 4’ wider than the RV width, 4’ deeper than the RV length and 2’ taller than the  RV height.

You could get away with a garage door that is 2’ wider and 1’ taller than your RV. But do be very careful not to scrape!

Ultimately the garage size required for an RV depends on the size of your RV. In this post I examine the different class types of RVs, their dimensions and the ideal garage size for each type.

GMS Intro
GMS Intro

What Are the Different Class Types of RVs?

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are broadly classified as Motorhome (vehicle & living space are on the same chassis) or Towable (vehicle & living space are two separate units). Within this classification there are a total of 5 categories as under:

Standard RV Garage Size - Base Data

Class A RV Garage Size 

Class A RV can vary considerably in length but stay within a small range as far as width and height are concerned. 

The Standard RV Garage Size for Class A RVs is 16’ wide and 16’ high. The garage depth would of course depend on the length of the Class A RV, which can vary between 25’ – 40’. The garage door should be 12’ wide and 14’ high.

The width of most Class A RVs ranges from 8’ 3” to 8’ 5”.

This is understandable as manufacturers try to maximize the width of the RV while still staying within the law. As per state and federal laws, most road vehicles cannot be wider than 8 feet, 6 inches.

Some of the larger Class A RVs may come with a wall slide, which can extend the width by 2’ – 3’. However, you can use this feature only when you are parked at the camping ground.

The height of most Class A RVs falls within the 11’ – 13’ range. 

This height level keeps the center of gravity low enough for safe driving, while giving enough headroom within. This height also ensures that the RV can get under most bridges and tunnels (at least the new ones). Bridges & tunnels are typically designed for a 16’ clearance on highways but:

When the American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHO) issued design standards for the Interstate System, the minimum design value of 14 feet was included for vertical clearance (that is, the distance from the Interstate pavement to the bottom of overpasses).


Below is a table with representative dimensions

TiffinAllegro Breeze 31BR7′ 11″31′ 2″11′ 8″
Forest RiverGeorgetown 3 Series GT3 33B38′ 4″34′ 6″12′ 9″
CoachmenSports Coach RD8′ 6″41′ 1″12′ 10″

Class C RV Garage Size 

Coachmen Leprechaun
PHOTO CREDIT: Coachmen Leprechaun

Class A RVs are the largest drivable motorhomes. They are as close to a full size home on wheels as possible. They are the ultimate in luxury and most suitable for long term or even full time RVing. 

Class C RVs, on the other hand, are midsize. They are more affordable and yet are large enough to accommodate a small family. They are great when you want to get away for a few weeks.

Class C Motorhomes get classified as small (22’-26’), medium (28’-32’) or large (34’-44’) depending on the length of the RV.

Below is a table with the dimensions of a representative model in each category.

Small Class CCoachmen Leprechaun 220XG8’ 4”24’ 3”10’ 11”
Medium Class CJayco Redhawk SE 26M8’ 4”28’ 8”11’ 6”
Large Class CRenegade Valencia 38 RW 8’ 4”38’ 2”12’ 6”

When it comes to the standard RV garage size for Class C RVs, it is pretty much the same as that of standard RV garage size for Class A RVs.

The width of most Class C RVs is 8’ 4” and the height is between 10’ 11” and 12’ 6”. The Standard RV Garage Size for Class C RVs is 16’ wide and 16’ high. 

The garage depth should be 30’ for small and 36’ for medium Class C RVs. For large Class C Rvs, the garage depth would of course depend on the actual length.

The garage door should be 12’ wide and 14’ high for all types of Class C RVs (the same as Class A RVs).

Class B RV Garage Size 

Coachmen Beyond
PHOTO CREDIT: Coachmen Beyond

Class B RVs are just an upgraded version of camper vans. The living space is of course not as spacious as a Class A RV or even a Class C RV, but it is enough for a couple. The advantage is that it is easy to drive and park. 

A Class B RV is very good value for money for a young couple wishing to explore the great outdoors within their limited budget.

To get an idea of the dimensions of a Class B RV, take a look at the table below:

ThorSequence 20L6′ 9″20′ 11″9′ 5″
CoachmenBeyond 22D7′22′ 2″9′ 11″
WinnebagoRevel 44E7′ 2″19′ 7″10′

As you can see an average Class B RV tends to be around 7’ wide and less than 10’ tall. The small size means that you do not have to build a huge RV garage. Actually a garage for a Class B RV is just like a regular garage, just a couple of feet taller.

Standard RV Garage Size for Class B RVs is 12’ wide and 14’ high. A garage depth of 24’ will suffice in most cases but you could opt for 28’ for more storage space.

You need a garage door that is 8’ wide, but it should be 12’ high to accommodate a Class B RV.

Fifth Wheel Garage Size 

Jayco North Point

A Fifth Wheel is a towable and needs to be hitched to a pickup truck. Fifth Wheels tend to be as spacious as Class A RVs and the size reflects that.

As you can see from the table below the dimensions of most Fifth Wheels are comparable to midsize Class A RVs.

JaycoNorth Point 315RLTS8′38′ 3″8′ 11″
Forest RiverXLR Nitro 28DK58′ 6″32′ 8″12′ 10″
Forest RiverShockwave 28FWGDX8′ 6″33′ 5″13′ 4″

Since the dimensions of a Fifth Wheel are similar to that of a Class A RV, the standard RV garage size of a Fifth Wheel is the same as that for a Class A RV.

The Standard RV Garage Size for a Fifth Wheel is 16’ wide and 16’ high. The garage depth would of course depend on the length of the Fifth Wheel. A depth of 40’ – 48’ would fit most Fifth Wheels in the market.

The garage door should be 12’ wide and 14’ high.

A point to note that most Fifth Wheels come with slideouts, awnings and equipment that extends beyond the width & length stated on the product brochure. All of these need to be tucked into place when you are on the road.

But once you are parked, whether in a campground or your own garage, you are free to extend them. So, should you want to extend them, within the garage, for use or maintenance, then your garage must have that extra width and length. 

Travel Trailer Garage Size 

Jayco Jay-Flight

Unlike a Fifth Wheel, a Travel Trailer is designed such that it can be towed by a standard car. As a result Travel Trailers tend to be considerably smaller than a Fifth Wheel.

The larger Travel Trailers are usually 8’ wide. However, most LITE or compact travel trailers are between 6’  and 7’ wide for ease of driving and maneuverability.

As you can see from the table below, there is a considerable variation in width, length and height of various models, even within the same brand.

JaycoJay Flight 174BH SLX 77′ 1″21′ 6″6′ 1″
JaycoWhite Hawk 27RB8′32′ 8″6′ 9″
JaycoEagle Travel Trailer 332CBOK8′40′11′ 7″

It is therefore not possible to set a standard RV garage size for Travel Trailers. A really compact model like Jay Flight 174BH SLX 7 would fit in comfortably within a standard 1 car garage (12’X24’) with a standard garage door (8’X7’).

However, if you own a Eagle Travel Trailer 332CBOK, then the RV garage will have to be a lot bigger. Only a standard RV garage size for Class A RV or Fifth Wheel will be able to accommodate such a large Travel Trailer.

Guideline & Conclusion

Building an RV garage will not only protect your prized possession, it will also increase the value of your home.

While there is no universal standard RV garage size because there is no standard RV size, I hope this post has given you enough information and a guideline to the garage size for different types & sizes of RVs.

You can use the following tables as a simple “go to” guideline.

RV Garage Size

Guideline for Standard RV Garage Size

RV Garage Door Size

Guideline for Standard RV Garage Door Size

There is also the option of building an RV Garage with Living Quarters. It can really enhance your lifestyle.

Thank you very much for reading the post. I do hope you found it informative and useful.

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