6 Amazing Benefits of Breezeway Between House And Garage

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What is a Breezeway Between House and Garage?

Breezeway Between House and Garage

A breezeway between house and garage is an architectural structure that is roofed and functions as a walkway between the house and a detached garage. The sides are generally open but may have low walls or windows for additional protection from the elements.

Merriam-Webster defines a breezeway as

“a roofed often open passage connecting two buildings (such as a house and garage) or halves of a building”


A Garage Breezeway is a breezeway between house and garage. It may be contained, funneled or offset.

A Breezeway between House and Garage, may well be the most outstanding design feature of your property. The value of your home will simply skyrocket!

A Breezeway between House and Garage brings in functional benefits too. Walking between house and garage will be a breeze! (pun intended). You also get additional space that can be put to a multitude of uses.

3 Types of Breezeway Designs

Breezeway Between House and Garage

Depending on the location and orientation a breezeway between house and garage could use one of the following 3 design styles.

Contained Breezeway between House and Garage

  • Characteristics: Enclosed by a gable roof shared by both garage and house.
  • Advantages: Integral and room-like, suitable for contemporary designs; can serve as dining space, guest entry, or entertaining area; frames a view to the backyard for curb appeal.
  • Considerations: May lack daylight; solutions include exposed rafters for climbing vines or translucent roofing.

This is the most common style of breezeway between house and garage, especially if the breezeway was included in the original plan & construction of the house. 

The construction of the house and the garage are aligned and the contained breezeway connects the two in a straight line. The garage, the breezeway and the house share the same roofline. 

The breezeway has a gable roof which uses the same material as the house and the garage. A continuous, harmonized look is the hallmark of a contained breezeway.

Funneled Breezeway between House and Garage

  • Characteristics: Angled arrangement between garage and house; doesn’t share a common roof.
  • Advantages: Preserves backyard privacy; suitable for decks on sides.
  • Considerations: Receives daylight from two sides; may feel more like a deck.

Sometimes the house and the garage may not be aligned in a single plane. Instead the garage may be set at an angle to the main house. It is still possible to connect the two using a funnel breezeway.

The two sides of the breezeway have different lengths, giving it the appearance of a funnel. The funnel shape allows the breezeway to open out onto a patio or porch for relaxed seating and outdoor dining.

Offset Breezeway between House and Garage

  • Characteristics: Garage offset from the house; breezeway overlaps both structures.
  • Advantages: Daylight from four sides; accommodates side decks; provides direct access to main entry door.
  • Considerations: May feel like a deep hall; limited view framing; less effective for privacy screening.

In some cases, the house and the garage do not sit opposite to each other. The garage may be located deeper into the backyard. The offset breezeway can then be used to connect the house and the garage.

Decks can be added to the sides of the offset breezeway to give it a more casual and inviting look. 

6 Benefits of a Garage Breezeway

Breezeway Between House and Garage

There are six benefits of adding a breezeway between house and garage.

1. A Breezeway Provides Protection from the Elements

Protection from the elements is the key reason for adding a breezeway between house and garage. A breezeway provides shelter from inclement weather, protecting you from cold, heat, wind, rain, snow, and hail. It lets you walk between home and garage in comfort.

Imagine yourself driving back from the supermarket, loaded with groceries, and a kid or two in tow. Now imagine blazing sun, gusty winds, pouring rain or a snowstorm and the walk from the garage to house.

This is quite often the reality. But a breezeway can make this walk a breeze!

2. A Breezeway Gives You Peace of Mind

A breezeway is a safety feature. Apart from the protection from inclement weather, a breezeway also protects you from lurking intruders, wayward wildlife or hideous reptiles.

You will really appreciate this feature at night if you have a well-lit covered breezeway from house to garage.

3. A Breezeway can be Designed for Use as Carport

A breezeway can be designed so that it is broad enough to accommodate cars. In which case the breezeway between home and garage can also be used as a carport.

Find out more about carports from my earlier blog post, What You Need To Know About Carport Attached To The Garage.

You can use it to park your own cars, thus freeing up space in the garage for overhead storage or activities that require closed space such as a garage gym or home office. 

Alternatively you can use it as a place for family and friends to park their cars when they come to visit you.

4. Use the Breezeway as the Focus of Additional Outdoor Living Space

You can use the breezeway between house and garage as the focal point for developing additional outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining. There are several options to consider:

The Breezeway can Double as a Covered Porch

Plan to make your breezeway wide enough to allow for easy passage and also allow placement of a few chairs and a table on one side. Now your breezeway can double as a covered porch.

What a wonderful setting for a morning cup of coffee or an evening glass of wine. Curl up in a comfortable chair and read a book, listen to music or just watch the sun go down.

A covered porch is a great way to bring some peace and tranquility in your life, while soaking in all that mother nature has to offer.

Add a Patio to your Breezeway

A beautifully designed breezeway can do more to unify the house with the garage and the landscape than any other architectural feature you can think of.

Do you like to BBQ? Or throwing wine & cheese parties for your friends? Then you just have to add a patio in front of the breezeway between house and garage. 

Best to leave the patio uncovered. But do provide some shade for your guests by using a couple of large patio umbrellas that you can order from Amazon.

Keep a refrigerator and a wine cooler in the breezeway so that your guests can remain well hydrated and in good cheer!

Use the breezeway as a backup in case of unexpected rain.

5. You can Incorporate a Mudroom in the Breezeway

Breezeways offer space to unload groceries and sort purchases, till you are ready to take it inside, leaving your house uncluttered.

Its a great place for keeping shoes, boots, and outerwear, reducing clutter in both the garage and the house. In fact, a breezeway between house and garage is perfect for incorporating a mudroom. 

Add a bench with side tables, along the breezeway wall. You can sit down, keep your car keys and grocery on the side table, take off your shoes and keep them on the shoe rack below the bench.

Find out more from my earlier blog post, Why Add Mudroom Entry From The Garage? 7 Really Great Reasons

6. A Breezeway Increases the Curb Appeal of Your Home

A breezeway is an exemplary example of the two pillars of fine architecture – form & function.

“Form follows function—that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.”

Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect & Designer of Guggenheim Museum

The breezeway is this union between form and function, between house and garage.

A well-designed breezeway, whether open or enclosed, enhances the house’s attractiveness and adds to its curb appeal, contributing to the overall aesthetic of the property. The price of your home is sure to skyrocket after you add a breezeway between house and garage!

Does a Breezeway make a Garage Attached?

There is no simple answer to this question and the final judge is your local building authority.

Your architect and building contractor will know and they will prepare the building plans accordingly.

The key difference between an attached garage and a detached garage is the fire safety requirement under the IRC.

Please visit R309 GARAGES AND CARPORTS of the 2021 International Residential Code (IRC) for the provisions under the code.

An attached garage is considered a fire hazard and IRC stipulates use of fire-resistant material for 

  • Connecting Doors (R309.1)
  • Walls & Ceilings (R309.2)
  • Ducts (R309.1.1)
  • Floors (R309.3)

A detached garage a short distance from the house and connected by a breezeway gives you the safety of the garage being detached and yet the convenience of being able to walk between the garage and the house, even in somewhat inclement weather conditions.

You can get more information on the hazards from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors website.

Challenges of Adding a Breezeway Between House and Garage

A breezeway between house and garage is a charming idea. However, it is best planned and executed when you build your house and garage on your lot.

Adding a breezeway between house and garage, as an afterthought, is possible, but quite challenging.

Now if you are looking for just functionality, you can attach the detached garage to the house with a simple breezeway (or covered walkway!). This could even be a DIY project for an accomplished DIYer. Just make sure that the breezeway is not structurally connected to either the house or the garage.

It won’t look very pretty but it will protect you from sun, rain and snow!

For a breezeway, that is both aesthetic and functional you must consult an architect and entrust the job to a reputed contractor. The reason is some of the challenges involved for which you may not have the expertise or experience.

Some of the important ones are:

  • Structural Design Compatibility: Ensuring that the design of the breezeway seamlessly integrates with the foundations of both the house and garage architecture is essential. The connection points need to be structurally sound to ensure stability and prevent any shifting or settling over time. The design must account for differential settlement between the house and garage foundations. Any miscalculation and you will have cracks and even structural failure.
  • Roof Design: The design of the roof must accommodate local weather conditions. In areas prone to heavy snowfall or hurricanes, the roof must be engineered to handle the additional loads and wind forces. Bear in mind that a breezeway forms a wind tunnel which accentuates wind loads. Proper slope and drainage systems are required to prevent water accumulation, leaks and structural damage.
  • Visual Design Compatibility: To make sure that the breezeway does not stand out like a sore thumb, the breezeway must be in harmony with both the house and garage. Achieving consistency in materials, styles, and colors can be more challenging than you may think at first.
  • Building Codes and Permits: Adding a breezeway will require adherence to specific building codes and regulations. Obtaining the necessary permits and ensuring compliance with local regulations can be a complex process, requiring careful planning and documentation.
  • Cost Considerations: Building a breezeway, as an afterthought, will be pretty expensive. Be prepared for quotes ranging from $50K to $200K, or more!

Bottom Line

The breezeway between house and garage serves the function of providing a sheltered walkway while adding a touch of luxury and old world charm to your home. 

It is every architect’s dream. A perfect marriage of form and function. The value of your home will skyrocket!

The breezeway can also be put to a multitude of uses. The list is endless. Use it as above or put your own creativity and interests to work. Reading nook, meditation retreat, private bar. Use it as you please.

Thank you very much for reading the post. I do hope you found it informative and useful.

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