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Moving the Car Around

Do you need to reposition your car after parking it in the garage? Maybe it needs to be moved sideways or turned 90 degrees, to better utilize the available garage space. Whatever the reason, a vehicle positioning wheel dolly set is the best way to move a car. Why not get a vehicle positioning wheel dolly set?

Vehicle Positioning Wheel Dolly Set

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a dolly as 

“a platform on a roller or on wheels or casters for moving heavy objects”

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Dolly on wheels are used in commercial applications. A good example is TV or Movie cameras. They will often use rails so that the motion can be more precise.

Dolly on casters has the advantage that the dolly can swivel, allowing motion in any direction. Such dollies are very useful for moving heavy household objects, such as furniture.

A vehicle positioning wheel dolly set will have 4 dollies, one for each wheel of the car. It is possible to move the car in any direction, once each car wheel has been loaded on to the individual dolly. The car can also be turned around in any direction, along the vertical axis.

The vehicle positioning wheel dolly is also called tire skate or simply a car dolly. 

The car dolly, may or may not have it’s own built in jack. In case the dolly has a built in jack, then the jack can be operated by a foot pedal, leaving your hands free. The design & construction of the two types is different,

Car dollies, without a built in jack, are V shaped plates on which the car wheels can rest.

vehicle positioning wheel dolly without a built in jack

The ones with a built in jack are U shaped and the car wheel rests between the two arms of the U.

vehicle positioning wheel dolly with a built in jack

The Garage Floor

The garage floor has to be both hard & smooth for the tire skates to glide. A bare concrete floor that does not have large cracks will be OK but a shiny epoxy floor will be perfect. The car dolly will move easily and the casters will not keep coming off.

The caster rollers are generally made from nylon or a tough but pliable polymer such as polyurethane.

Product Recommendations

Car Guy Garage was started by two brothers from Chicago. It’s a family business, so no matter what happens with our company, there’s a lot of heart involved. And they really are car guys!

They work with a lot of different manufacturers. Many of them are also small family businesses in the US. They have a lot of items you won’t see anywhere else. They also do a lot of custom work.

Heavy Duty Car Dolly from Car Guy Garage

2500 pounds per dolly

The Heavy Duty Car Dolly from Car Guy Garage can support up to 2500lbs. It is constructed out of 1/4″ steel plate that is professionally coated. The four zinc plated ball bearing casters contain rollers made from shock resistant polyurethane. 

The versatility, incredible strength and durability of this dolly makes it ideal for auto shops, museums, trade shows, or by hobbyists, homeowners, and all facets of the automotive industry.


  • Dimensions: 8″ x 16″
  • Each dolly has a rating of 2500 lbs
  • Ball Bearing Heavy Duty Casters
  • Casters feature 3 sets of Bearings (one on each axle end and one on the swivel)
  • Polyurethane casters won’t mar floors
  • Low profile, very rugged 1/4″ plate steel
  • Red Powder Coat finish

Foot Pump Dollies from Car Guy Garage

1500 pounds per dolly

This Set of 4 “Move-It” Foot Pump dollies from Car Guy Garage are very easy to use. Simply position the tire in between the rails, and use the foot pump to bring the rails closer together. As the rails move inward, the tire lifts off of the ground.


  • Set of 4
  • 1,500 lb. capacity per dolly
  • Adjustable: 11″ – 22″
  • Max wheel width: 12″
  • Shipping weight 172 lbs.

Costway offers customers a huge selection of products at affordable prices all over the world. Their quality control has strict standards to ensure products are selected carefully. With three large-scale manufacturing bases, they can reduce the direct costs and provide impossibly low prices.

Car Moving Tire Wheel Dolly from Costway

1500 pounds per dolly

This 4 piece tire wheel dolly from Costway is great for moving cars, boats, planes and more! With 4 pieces 3″ heavy duty vehicle universal wheel(2 with locks) for easy operation.

They are truly heavy duty, rated at 1,500 lbs. capacity each (6,000 lbs. total capacity for the set of 4), and they’re made from solid diamond plate steel with a tough, protective gray powder coated finish. These deluxe bearing axles will let you roll with much less force than is required with traditional dollies.

vehicle positioning wheel dolly without a built in jack


  • Designed for easy, one-person movement
  • Suitable for workshop tool collection and garage use
  • Super strong quality, well built, solid construction
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Convenient carry handle for easy transport
  • Powder coating finish in the surface resistant scratching
  • Deluxe diamond tread pattern reduces slipping

Wheel Dolly with Built in Jack from Costway

1250 pounds per dolly

The heavy duty vehicle positioning wheel dolly from Costway, which has a built-in jack and lets you lift individual wheel weights up to 1250 lbs. 

Using the foot pedal ratchet system to lift up a tire, your hands are free for positioning and making safe adjustments which is convenient and labor-saving. It will help you a lot in your work.


  • Lifts wheel weight up to 1250 lbs for each one, combined vehicle weight of 4500 lbs for 4 dollies
  • Ideal for effortless movement of wheels and vehicles
  • Perfect for most cars and light vans
  • Open-side lift handles tires up to 32″diameter and 10″ wide
  • Heavy duty 4″ non-marring swivel casters
  • Ratcheting foot pedal lift for hands-free use
  • The self-loading wheel dolly comes with a convenient carry handle, smooth rolling swivel casters and a space-saving foldable design
  • Rugged steel construction

Pentagon & OTC from Amazon

If you prefer to shop at Amazon, you will find quite a few options there. Products that are getting good reviews are:

Pentagon Dolly without built in jack

1500 pounds per dolly

5051 Pentagon Tool | Premium 4-Pack | Car Tire Dolly – Tire Skates


  • Includes four (4) 12″ tire skates
  • One person can easily handle and move a vehicle, boat or trailer
  • 12″ x 16″ Solid Steel Plate–X Large
  • Integrated swivel handle makes carrying the skate a breeze
  • Powder Coated–not painted, Won’t chip/scratch
  • 3″ Premium Ball Bearing locking Castors
  • Rated at 6,000 lbs (1,500 lbs per skate)
OTC Dolly with Built in Jack

1500 pounds per dolly

OTC Tools 1580 Stinger 1,500 lbs Easy Roller Dolly


  • OTC’s Easy Roller Dollies are a simple and efficient method of moving a disabled vehicle around a shop environment
  • Position an easy roller at each wheel of a vehicle weighing up to 6000 pounds then use the foot pedals to activate the hydraulic lift mechanisms
  • Within minutes, one individual can easily move the vehicle throughout the garage while protecting the floor from damage
  • Features: 1-1/2 ton (1,500 lb) capacity, robust hydraulic system with locking pin, four heavy-duty phenolic casters, and fits tires up to 12 inches wide

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