Why Add Mudroom Entry From The Garage? 7 Really Great Reasons

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Mudroom Entry From The Garage

The mudroom at the front entrance of your home is no longer enough. The family has grown. The kids are playing a lot more outdoor sports (great!) and bringing in a lot more muck (not so great!). So why not add a mudroom entry from the garage?

There are 7 really great reasons why a mudroom entry from the garage is an excellent idea.

  1. Entrance from the Garage is used more often than the front door of the house
  2. The Garage has more available space than the hallway at the front door
  3. Plumbing can be installed, which could be a challenge for the mudroom next to front door
  4. Combine the Mudroom with a Laundry Room in the Garage and keep your home beautiful 
  5. The Garage Floor is Mudroom ready, the main house floor is not
  6. Garage Tools can also be cleaned in the Mudroom
  7. It is Easier to Clean a Mudroom entry from the Garage
Mudroom Entry from Garage

In this post I will explain the above 7 reasons in more depth and also tell you how to add a mudroom entry from the garage and the 4 key requirements of a mudroom that must be met.

Entrance from the Garage is Used More Often

In the case of an attached garage, more often than not, there will be a door leading directly from the garage into the house.

In the case of a detached garage, there is often a breezeway connecting the garage to the main house. The entrance from the breezeway to the house is through a patio or a side door, not the front door.

When you return from work, or grocery shopping or picking the kids after their game practice, you park the car in the garage. It is logical that you will use the door that leads into the house from the garage.

Even when you are doing yard work, you would enter or exit the house through the garage. Because your yard tools are in the garage.

The front door is to welcome guests. Family members do not use it that often.

Adding a mudroom entry from the garage therefore makes perfect sense!

The Garage has More Available Space

It may not be true for all garages, but usually two or three car garages have some spare space. More than what may be available in the house.

The space in the house is also more valuable as you can put it to more interesting uses. For example, wouldn’t you like to have a kid’s playroom instead of a mudroom.

Unfortunately, when you look at your garage you can’t imagine how you can create any space for a mudroom. The space is there but it has been taken over by storage.

Not storage of something you need, but storage of stuff you have never tried to get rid of.

The decision to add a mudroom entry from the garage is a great opportunity to clean up your garage too! Use the quote from Marie Kondo as an inspiration!

“Now imagine yourself living in a space that contains only things that spark joy. Isn’t this the lifestyle you dream of?”

Marie Kondo

Plumbing is Easier to Install

The mudroom in the house is often in the entryway, right after the front door. Such a mudroom usually does not have any running water. It is quite challenging to arrange for plumbing in this location.

The mudroom next to the front door is therefore, what can be best described as a dry mudroom. There are mats on which you can wipe your muddy shoes, but that’s about all.

If there was a laundry room or a bathroom next to the mudroom then of course arranging for plumbing in the mudroom inside the house would be possible. Whether your existing mudroom has running water or not is another matter. Many don’t.

Many garages already have plumbing so that you can wash your cars and the garage floor. The garage also has drainage for the same reason. Extending these to the mudroom in the garage is not difficult or expensive.

You can add a mudroom entry from the garage with running water relatively easily.

Combine with a Laundry Room in the Garage

You know what is better than having a mudroom in the garage? Having a mudroom and a laundry room in the garage, side by side.

Many houses do have the mudroom, laundry room and the kitchen next to each other. One of the reasons is that all three require running water and drainage. 

Mudroom combined with Laundry Room

The only problem is that this arrangement is at the rear end of the house. So you have to go all around the house or at least to the side door to enter the mudroom.

If you have enough space in your garage then having a mudroom and a laundry room in the garage is a very elegant solution. 

Picture this. You have picked up your kids after a football game. Their shoes are muddy. Their clothes are sweaty. Their gear bag is dirty.

Would it not be nice if they got out of the car in the garage, went to the mudroom to wash their hands and shoes, dumped their sweaty clothes & dirty bag in the laundry room and walked into the house relatively clean.

Read more about How to Make an Enclosed Laundry Room in a Garage from my earlier blog post.

Garage Floor is Mudroom Ready

The mudroom is the transition zone from the outside world to the inside of your home. Muddy feet enter the mudroom. The floor of the mudroom has to be 

  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Easy to Clean

These are the same requirements as that of the garage floor. The garage floor is mudroom ready. You may not have to do any special flooring for the mudroom.

Epoxy coating or epoxy paint is a popular choice for garage floors. Alternatively, you may have gone for vinyl tiles, rigid or flexible as the case maybe. All these options will serve quite well in a mudroom setting.

On a budget? Don’t worry. Vinyl sheets have got you covered!

A vinyl roll is a versatile, affordable flooring solution that goes in virtually any room, including bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. It’s made from highly resilient vinyl and a durable backing, such as fiberglass. This affordable flooring solution is durable, easy to install, and requires minimal maintenance efforts.

Don’t want an industrial warehouse look on your mudroom floor? Then use ceramic tiles or natural stone, if you fancy! 

Garage Tools can also be Cleaned

When you add a mudroom entry from the garage with running water, you are also providing a space to clean up some of the tools & equipment that you use and keep in the garage.


Gardening tools come to mind immediately. If you are an avid gardener, you will have a set of trowel, soil scoop, rake etc. Bring them back in the garage on a plastic tray or in a bucket and head straight to the mudroom.

The mudroom in the garage makes it easy to clean your gardening tools.

Power Tools

The hand power tools, especially the casings, get pretty grimy after a while. The grease and dirt won’t come off without a good scrub. Use the utility sink in the mudroom to help you get the job done.

Sometimes you need a bucket of water with some soap to clean up the car tires & wheel rims or the car mats. Use the running water in the mudroom in the garage.

Tinkering under the hood can leave your hands dirty. Just wash them in the mudroom. No need to re-enter the house for that, before driving off to work.

Easier to Clean a Mudroom Entry from the Garage

The usefulness of a mudroom entry from the garage is best appreciated when the weather is at its worst. Rain & snow, muddy & soggy boots, dripping rain coats are what bad weather is all about!

Fortunately, you can still drive into your garage, walk over to the mudroom, discard all the wet & dirty items and step into the house, clean & dry. Great for your house, but your garage & mudroom may end up looking pretty messy.

Not to worry. It is relatively easy to clean the mudroom and the garage floor. 

4 Essential Zones of a Mudroom in the Garage

Every mudroom, especially the one in the garage, must have these 4 zones or areas. 

  • Landing Zone
  • Seating Area
  • Washing Area
  • Storage
Mudroom Entry from Garage

It is not as if these areas or zones are independent bubbles. Often one zone will encroach into another. That is fine. Actually it may result in a better utilization of space.

Landing Zone

The landing zone is right at the entrance of the mudroom. It must have a

  • Welcome Mat – well this is where you can wipe your shoes. Works great when shoes are not muddy, just a bit dusty.
  • Drop-off Desk – drop your car keys, your hand bag, your groceries etc. on this desk. Now your hands are free to take off your coat or shoes.

Seating Area

Some mudrooms will skip on seating. To me it is essential. I would go so far as to say it is an essential safety feature.

Imagine trying to take your wet boots off, while standing up, on a possibly wet floor.

The seating can be, and usually is, a simple wooden bench along the wall. The space can be fully utilized by having hooks on the wall behind (for coats & scarves) and racks below (for shoes).

Of course, you can make it fancier! 

Washing Area

The washing area in the mudroom is a game changer. What you need is a utility sink, a mirror, a countertop and detergents & handwash.

A brilliant idea is to have a hose down area for boots & shoes.

It is best to clean muddy shoes & boots as soon as possible. Don’t wait till the mud has dried to a cake. Use a stiff brush and pressurized water to get the mud off from the soles.

Hygiene is more important than ever, so wash your hands before entering the house. If you have been sweating it out in the yard or the garage, wash your face too. Freshen up!

Mirror is a must. You really want to use it, especially on your way out.


No mudroom is complete without enough and proper storage for each item.

  • Shoes & Boots – racks, trays or cubbies
  • Coats, Scarves, etc. – hooks on walls
  • Gloves & Caps – Wire or wicker baskets
  • Backpacks – hooks on walls
  • Umbrellas – Bins
  • Keys & Sunglasses – drawers

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there are 7 great reasons for adding a mudroom entry from the garage.

  • You will use it More Often
  • Garage has the Space
  • You can have Running Water
  • Combine it with a Laundry Room
  • Use the existing Garage Floor
  • Clean Garage Tools Too
  • Easy to Clean Up

Just make sure that the 4 essential zones (Landing, Seating, Washing & Storage) are done well!

Thank you very much for reading the post. I do hope you found it informative and useful.

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