7 Step Guide on How to Apply Epoxy Clear Coat on Garage Floor

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Don’t you want to transform your new or worn out garage floor into one that has high gloss, seamless, showroom looks? Epoxy clear coat is exactly what you need. Here, I have an easy to understand and implement 7 step guide on how to apply epoxy clear coat on your garage floor.

I cover everything from surface preparation to the actual application, ensuring that you understand each step clearly. The steps are easy to understand and beginner friendly!

So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to transform your garage.

How to Apply Epoxy Clear Coat on Garage Floor

How to Apply Epoxy Clear Coat on a Garage Floor?

To apply a clear coat to an epoxy garage floor, incorporate it in the complete garage floor epoxy coating system. You will be applying an epoxy coating system either to a new concrete garage floor or to an existing concrete garage floor.

The procedure is similar in both situations. The few differences, mainly relate to the surface preparation. After the surface has been correctly prepared, the application process is pretty much the same.

STEP 1: Wait for Full Curing of the Concrete Floor

Allow full curing of the concrete. Concrete needs 28 days to fully cure. During this period you should do nothing other than wait and help the concrete set as best as it can. 

STEP 2: Seal the Concrete Floor Correctly

Use a penetrating sealer. This is certainly required for new concrete but may also be required for old concrete.

Please note that there are two types of sealers; penetrating & topical. A penetrating sealer, as the name suggests, penetrates into the pores of the concrete and blocks them. It does not leave any film on the surface.

For more information on concrete sealers please read my post How to know When is the Best Time To Seal A Floor?


STEP 3: Surface Preparation before Priming

This step involves preparing the garage floor such that the epoxy coating can adhere strongly with the concrete. It involves

  • Cleaning the garage floor of dust, dirt and any other debris
  • Removing peeling and disintegrating existing paint
  • Removing oil & grease stains using a degreaser
  • Creating a Surface Profile by etching or scouring the concrete surface if it is too smooth

STEP 4: Application of Primer

A primer will help in sealing the concrete and also in improving adhesion with the epoxy coat. This step is optional and many  manufacturers do not require it.

STEP 5: Application of Epoxy Top Coats

The epoxy coat, as opposed to epoxy paint, is always a 2 part product. The epoxy resin sets or cures due to a chemical reaction between the two parts.

The two parts should be mixed thoroughly in the recommended ratio and must be applied within the recommended time. This is critical to ensure you get the best performance from the epoxy coating for your garage floor.

STEP 6: Incorporate the Additives in the Top Coat:

The looks and the performance of the garage floor epoxy coating can be enhanced by using certain additives such as

  • Decorative Color Chips – lets you personalize & glamorize the look 
  • Anti-skid – increases safety especially on wet floors

STEP 7: Application of Clear Top Coat

This is the final coat and it is clear. It is usually epoxy but can also be polyurethane or another type of resin.

Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Premium Clear Coating

  • Low odor, low VOC formula
  • Ideal for use on epoxy garage floor coating
  • Two part, 100% solids epoxy
  • Excellent adhesion, durability, chemical resistance and resistance to hot tire pick up
  • Results in show room quality floor that lasts
  • Heavy duty coating is walk ready in 24 hours, vehicle ready in 72 hours

Rust-Oleum 292514 EpoxyShield Premium Floor Coating Kit, Clear available at Amazon is a good choice.

The 100% solids epoxy coating provides excellent adhesion, durability, chemical resistance and resists hot tire pick up The High-gloss protective finish provides a show room quality floor that lasts.

A Clear Top Coat on Epoxy Floor provides 8 benefits, which I will elaborate on.

Can You Use PU Clear Top Coat on Epoxy?

Yes you can use PU top coat on an epoxy garage floor. A PU top coat will give all the benefits of an epoxy top coat and some more!

Epoxy is hard & brittle while PU is tough & flexible. Fine scratches will not show up on PU clear top coat but they may show up on Epoxy top coat. PU is also a lot more UV resistant when compared to Epoxy. A PU coat will therefore prevent the Epoxy garage floor coating colors from fading.

Thank you very much for reading the post. I do hope you found it informative and useful.

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