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Can I Turn My Garage into a Pool House?

Do you have a detached garage which has outlived its use. Maybe it is just too small or too old for your present needs. So you may be considering tearing it down and building a bigger, better garage. But before you pull down the old garage, consider if you can turn your garage into a pool house?

Converting an old garage into a pool house is an excellent idea. The garage, of course, needs to be close to an existing or proposed swimming pool. You can transform the rundown old garage into a stunning pool house, while saving money on demolition and a new build.

Even a 1-car garage has ample floor space to accommodate the requirements of a pool house, such as a bathroom, storage and a place to cool down & have a drink. 

The conversion of an old garage into a pool house can even be a DIY project. The work required will take time and effort but does not require high professional skills. 

Garage Into A Pool House

Involve your family, think creatively, incorporate all the features that you want and you should end up with a gorgeous pool house on a budget.

This simple 5 step guide will be quite helpful in planning and executing the garage to pool house remodel.

STEP 1: Clear the Garage

Maybe you have not parked your car in this garage for years, but it is unlikely to be completely empty. On the contrary it is probably bursting at the seams with stuff (mostly junk)!

Needless to say, the first step is to get rid of everything that is there. There is a ton of advice on the internet on decluttering & organizing, including those from the iconic Marie Kondo.

Generally speaking they end up asking you to sort out the stuff in 3 groups and take the relevant action.

1Love it & use it fairly regularly!Find an alternate space for storage. Maybe a place in the basement, the new garage or a garden shed.
2Seems to be in good shape but can’t remember when I last used it!* Put it on garage sale
* Give it away to friends or charity
3Wonder why it’s even there!* Put it in the garbage bag
* Hire a junk removal company

At the end of this exercise you will realize that there is

  • Enough floor space for a decent sized pool house
  • Still a lot of work to be done

STEP 2: Open out a Side Wall

A pool house that is both functional and looks inviting should have large openings on two adjacent walls. Keep the garage door. It works as a large opening when you want it but can also be closed by the flick of a switch.

Open out the wall that is adjacent to the pool. There is no need to open it out completely, but I would say remove 60 – 80% of it. You may choose to leave it open (depends on the climate) or install French Windows with sliding tempered glass panels.

With this arrangement you have a great view of the pool from the pool house. When all the doors are open the pool house has a light, airy natural vibe. But if it gets too hot or too cold, just close the doors and switch on the air conditioner or the heater as required.

Another advantage of such an arrangement, especially in places with long winters, is that you now have a nice comfortable place to entertain a few friends or just relax with your partner.

STEP 3: Resurface the Floor

The floor of a garage that has not been in active use for a while is not likely to be in good condition. Peeling floor paint, large cracks or crumbling concrete may be some of the defects you will have to deal with.

I would recommend using a concrete grinder to remove the top layer of paint and concrete. Repair the large cracks, holes, and other surface defects using fillers & sealants. 

NOTE: Jump to STEP 4 and then come back to complete STEP 3.

For resurfacing the garage (soon to be pool house) floor, use self-leveling concrete. You can find out more about this process from my earlier blog How to Use Self-Leveling Concrete on Garage Floor: Helpful Guide!

The pool house floor should always be slip resistant to prevent accidents & injuries. For design consistency and visual appeal, use the same material as that on the deck around your pool.

Natural stone pool decks, such as those made from travertine or limestone tiles or pavers, are quite popular. They look good, are easy to maintain and quite affordable. They are slip resistant (even when wet), but you have to have a texture that is not super smooth.

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STEP 4: Add A Bathroom, Shower Stalls & Bar

A bathroom and shower stalls are an absolute “must have” in a pool house. You can place the toilet, sink and the shower in the same room. But, if I was in your shoes, I would separate the shower stall from the bathroom, and put at least two of them.

The bar is optional, or is it? A pool house without a bar, a place to relax and have a cool drink on a hot summer afternoon, does not sound like a “fun” pool house to me.

Plumbing & drainage will be challenging. You need to get that taken care of before you add the bathroom, shower stalls, bar, floor resurfacing, etc. You can get more ideas & details from my earlier blog post How To Put A Bathroom In Your Detached Garage? (The Best Way!)

STEP 5: Redo the Ceiling & Walls

The work required on the ceilings & walls will obviously depend on the state they are in. If they are in decent structural condition, I recommend that you just do patch repairs and freshen them up with a few coats of paint.

The paint color is always a personal choice. Personally I think that “Casual Coastal Paint Color Palette” from Benjamin Moore works extremely well for a pool house.

Coastal Colors that are great for a Pool House
Source: Benjamin Moore

“Beachy, coastal hues are synonymous with relaxation. Why not bring these colors to your home year-round?”

Arianna Cesa – Color & Design Expert

However, if the drywall on the ceilings or the walls are falling apart or are dented at too many spots, then you should replace them. I suggest you use mold resistant drywall and even install a floor trim or better still a wainscot.

Bottom Line

Converting an old garage that is not being used much to a relaxing pool house can be a very satisfying DIY project. You may choose some of the work get done by professionals depending on your experience and comfort level with that kind of work.

Add your personal stamp by landscaping the area around the garage (now a pool house) by planting green plants or creating a “Zen Garden”. Use the old driveway to build a gazebo. Its all up to you, your budget and your creativity!

Thank you very much for reading the post. I do hope you found it informative and useful.

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