14 Types of Garage Lights – A Quick Helpful Guide for 2024

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When building or renovating a garage, knowledge about the various types of garage lights is very important for creating a visually appealing, functionally efficient, and energy-efficient space. In this comprehensive guide, I explore 14 types of garage lights, covering indoor, outdoor, and landscape lighting needs.

Different Needs, Different Lights

Types of Garage Lights

Before delving into the specific types, it’s important to understand that different garage lights cater to various needs.

Safety & Security

Illuminate safety with garage lights, deterring potential risks and keeping your property secure. Motion-activated lights provide an extra layer of security, ensuring a well-lit exterior and making your home less attractive to unwanted visitors.

Enhanced Productivity

Well-lit garages enhance productivity by turning every corner into a functional workspace. LED shop lights, in particular, are efficiency champions, offering focused brightness for tasks and reducing squinting in the dark.

Cozy Atmosphere & Curb Appeal

Transform your garage into a cozy haven with flush mount ceiling lights creating ambiance. For curb appeal, wall-mounted lanterns and overhead garage door lights act as style statements, combining practicality with attractiveness.

Energy Efficiency

Save energy and money by opting for energy-efficient options like LED lights. These eco-friendly choices not only brighten your garage but also contribute to a greener planet, ensuring a well-lit space without breaking the bank.

Types of Garage Lights – Indoor Lighting

1. Fluorescent Tube Lights

Budget-friendly and providing an even spread of light, fluorescent tube lights are ideal for larger garage areas, making every corner visible without a hefty price tag.

2. LED Shop Lights

Efficient and cost-saving, LED shop lights brighten work areas with focused lighting for tools and projects. Their long lifespan makes them a reliable choice for any homeowner’s garage.

For example, Sunco LED Workshop Garage White Shop Light are just perfect for a garage workshop.

Sunco LED Workshop Garage White Shop Light

Sunco LED Workshop Garage White Shop Light

  • No wiring required. Just plug into an existing plug point.
  • Interlink up to 4 Shop Lights.
  • Can be Flush Mounted on the garage ceiling as well or hung using hooks & chains.
  • Has 1100 Beam Angle, 4000 Lumens and 50,000 Hour Lifespan.

3. Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Combining style and substance, flush mount ceiling lights illuminate smaller garage spaces, adding a touch of class and providing ambient lighting for a well-lit haven.

4. Motion-Activated Lights

Enhance security and save energy with motion-activated lights, kicking in when movement is detected and ensuring efficient brightness without unnecessary energy consumption.

Types of Garage Lights – Outdoor Lighting

Exterior Garage Light Placement is all about ensuring that the garage door is well lit. The best exterior garage door lighting will enhance the architectural beauty of your home. At the same time it will make your home more secure.

5. Wall-Mounted Lanterns

Boost curb appeal with wall-mounted lanterns, turning your garage exterior into a stylish statement that complements your home’s design.

6. Overhead Garage Door Lights

Key players in visibility and security, overhead garage door lights create a warm and inviting atmosphere while ensuring easy navigation in the dark.

7. Dusk-to-Dawn Lights

Low-maintenance guardians of safety, dusk-to-dawn lights automatically illuminate your garage area when needed, providing consistent illumination for a secure and well-lit exterior.

8. Floodlights

Eliminate dark corners with floodlights, high-intensity champions that enhance security and visibility, making them ideal for deterring unwanted guests or brightening up driveways.

9. Outdoor Sconces

Elevate your garage’s exterior charm with outdoor sconces, combining functionality with style to transform your outdoor space into a haven of aesthetic appeal.

Check out this exterior wall sconce inspired by a vintage rain collector, the design showcases a curling arm detail in Olde Bronze finish and seeded glass that mimics the look of rain cascading down a window.

Kichler Forestdale Exterior Wall Sconce

Kichler Forestdale 18.5″ 2-Light Exterior Wall Sconce with Clear Seeded Glass in Olde Bronze

The Forestdale 2 light outdoor wall light features a classic look with its traditional arm curling detail and Olde Bronze finish. The clear seeded glass mimics the look of rain.

Types of Garage Lights – Landscape Lighting

10. Path Lights

Guide outdoor pathways safely with path lights, adding enchantment to your landscape while ensuring a well-lit and inviting atmosphere.

11. Spotlights

Highlight specific features in your landscape with spotlights, creating focal points that add depth and charm to your outdoor surroundings.

12. In-Ground Lights

Create a subtle ground-level glow with in-ground lights, accentuating pathways or low-lying plants for a captivating outdoor wonderland.

13. Deck and Step Lights

Ensure safety and style on outdoor stairways with deck and step lights, providing well-lit steps and adding sophistication to outdoor spaces.

14. Solar-Powered Lights

Embrace eco-friendly brilliance with solar-powered lights, offering a sustainable solution for outdoor illumination while reducing environmental impact.

Here is a great, eco-friendly option for the driveway in front of your garage!

WYWNA Solar Outdoor Street Light

WYWNA Solar Outdoor Street Light

WYWNA Solar Street Lights charging during the day (5V/15W Monocrystalline solar panels, the conversion rate increased by 50%), lighting at night (Super bright solar street lights using 840Pcs high-power 2835 model LED beads (that increase brightness by 60% and range by 40%), 50000LM ultra-bright daylight, color temperature 6500k white light).

Expert Tips – DIY & Safety

Congratulations on your new home! To make the most of your lighting journey while keeping your space and wallet happy, consider energy-efficient options like LED lights. For the DIY-spirited, start small with easy-to-install fixtures, always turning off power before tinkering. And remember, your home’s lighting is a reflection of your style, so choose fixtures that resonate with your taste.


Upgrade your lighting in a hands-on adventure. Start small with easy-to-install fixtures like LED bulbs or motion-activated lights. Turn off power before tinkering, and for complex installations, call in the pros. Let your style shine through your choice of fixtures, whether modern LED strips or classic pendant lights.


Explore reputable sources for top-notch garage lights from websites like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Amazon. Stick to trusted brands for a reliable lighting experience. Before embarking on your lighting adventure, follow local regulations for outdoor light installations. For DIY enthusiasts, check online tutorials from reliable sources for step-by-step guidance.

Bottom Line

In the symphony of home design, garage lights play a significant role often underestimated. Choosing the right lights is not just about brightness; it’s about creating a harmonious blend of functionality and style.

As you embark on your lighting journey, consider a mix of options like fluorescent tubes, LED shop lights, and outdoor sconces. Think of your garage as a canvas, and these lights as the strokes that bring it to life.

Upgraded lighting goes beyond aesthetics – it influences home value and overall satisfaction. A well-lit exterior enhances curb appeal, making your home stand out.

Let your garage shine bright, for it’s not just a place for your car; it’s a reflection of your style and the first impression your home makes. Choose wisely, and may your lights guide you to a brighter, more beautiful home!

Thank you very much for reading the post. I do hope you found it informative and useful.

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