Purpose of a Garage Pergola? 5 Reasons Why It’s Worth the Money!

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What Is the Purpose of a Garage Pergola?

Do you find vine covered pergolas in well manicured gardens quite romantic? Maybe, you have your own shady pergola in the backyard. A place to rest, read a book and have a glass of wine. But what about a garage pergola? What is the purpose of a garage pergola?

A garage pergola will certainly make your home stand out from those of neighbors. The garage pergola presents a visual interest and enhances curb appeal. A garage pergola can provide partial protection from sun & rain and can be used for entertainment or as a carport.

Sometimes, houses on a street look pretty similar. It is not easy to stand out from the crowd without breaking the bank. Installing a garage pergola can add a unique style to your home and become a conversation piece. It’s a fun DIY project that does not cost much! 

Purpose of a Garage Pergola

Merriam Webster dictionary defines a pergola as:

a structure usually consisting of parallel colonnades supporting an open roof of girders and cross rafters

A garage pergola is a pergola attached to the garage, typically above the garage door. It often is a cantilever construction extending from the garage wall. These are also known as “eyebrow pergolas”.

However, larger garage pergolas, that can be used as a carport or entertainment space, will need supporting posts on the driveway.

What Is the Difference Between a Pergola and a Gazebo?

The main difference between a gazebo and a pergola is the way the roof is constructed. The roof of a gazebo provides complete protection from sun & rain.

A pergola, on the other hand, has a slatted roof that does not block all of the sunlight. The interplay of light & shadow changes as the day progresses. This adds an interesting element.

A gazebo can be a great addition on a pool deck or in the backyard. However, a pergola over a garage door can add a lot of charm to your home. Especially if you have vines climbing over it. 

Purpose of a Garage Pergola

What are the Benefits of a Garage Pergola?

There are 5 reasons that make a garage pergola a worthwhile addition to your home façade.

Enhances Curb Appeal

In my opinion the primary purpose of a garage pergola is to make your home stand out from all the others on the street. A garage door by itself is flat & pretty boring. The addition of a garage pergola gives it a three dimensional element of interest. The visitor’s eyes are drawn away from the garage door to the garage pergola.

A garage pergola gives you an opportunity to show off your creativity. You can paint it to complement or contrast the garage door for example. You could have vines with colorful flowers growing on it. You could hang seasonal decorations. Hanging wind chimes or dream catchers are other ways to make your garage pergola come to life.

Use a garage pergola to put your personal stamp on your home and enhance its curb appeal!

Provides Some Shade 

The garage pergola does not have a complete roof but the rafters do provide some shade. The amount of shade really depends on the direction your garage door faces and the time of the day.

A garage door that faces east will get a fair amount of shade from the garage pergola, in the morning, when it most needs it. On the other hand, a garage door that faces west will get a fair amount of shade from the garage pergola, in the afternoon, when it most needs it.

The amount of shade can be increased further by using diagonal slats, angled at 45 degrees or more. The percentage of shade can increase significantly without any compromise in the airflow.

Prevent your garage door color from fading and keep your garage a bit cooler by installing a garage pergola. 

Can be Used as a Carport 

Do you want to park your car outside the garage while you clean it or repair the floor cracks? Not a problem if you have a garage pergola that extends for 15’-20’ in front of the door. The pergola will provide reasonable shade from the sun.

Wow your guests by providing them with parking under the garage pergola. They will feel happy, knowing that their car will not be super hot when they are ready to leave. Chances are that they will consider adding a garage pergola to their own home, after seeing yours! 

Typically carports, in front of the garage, are an eyesore. An extended garage pergola that serves as a carport, on the other hand, can be quite eye-catching! 

Can be Used for Parties 

Organizing a birthday party for your kids can be quite challenging. Sure, you want to invite all their friends. Sure, you want the kids to have lots of fun. Sure, you want them to have pasta and ice cream and soda.

But you shudder at the thought of the energy of a dozen or more kids, let loose in your home.

Kids parties, under an extended garage pergola, can be loads of fun for everyone, including you. Set up the games, the food & beverage stations on the driveway, knowing that the kids will not be sweating it out under the afternoon sun.

The extended garage pergola can be a very charming location for your wine and cheese networking. I am sure all your guests will have a roaring time, thanks, in part, to the garage pergola.

An extended garage pergola, on a concrete driveway, gives you a charming venue for your next party!

A DIY-Friendly Project

Installing a garage pergola is a DIY project that requires moderate DIY skills. With some help from your partner or a friend, you could complete the project over the weekend.

Garage pergola kits are available. Some can be more elaborate, using real or engineered wood. Of course these are more expensive. But you can also get vinyl garage pergola kits that are light & durable. They are a lot cheaper too.


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In conclusion, the purpose of a garage pergola is to make your home stand out and enhance its curb appeal. It will provide some shade and can be designed to double as a carport or party space. It is an easy DIY project if you buy the kit.

Thank you very much for reading the post. I do hope you found it informative and useful.

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