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A Garage Door Flush with Exterior Wall and clad in the same material is pure magic. You do not see it till it opens. Press the remote and be enthralled as a part of your exterior wall begins to move up to reveal your garage. It is the modern version of Open Sesame from Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

Yes! Believe it or not, such garage doors are made and sold. They are called Flush Mount Garage Doors and are a step-up from Flush Panel Garage Doors. 

Garage Door Flush with Exterior Wall is such a unique design and such a stunner that very few companies make and install it.

If you want to mesmerize your guests and your house to achieve celebrity status then read on. I have combed the net to bring all the information on Garage Door Flush with Exterior Wall (aka Flush Mount Garage Door).

Flush Mount vs Flush Panel Garage Door

Flush Panel Garage Door

The defining feature of a Smooth Flush Garage Door is that the panels are flat, smooth & flush, that is they are neither raised nor recessed. A Smooth Flush Garage Door has clean lines and crisp looks.

A Smooth Flush Garage Door is certainly the best architectural match to a minimalist look contemporary home.  It is simple & muted, yet adds a timeless elegance to a modern home.

Flush Mount Garage Door

A Flush Mount Garage Door is also a Flush Panel Garage Door. However, a Flush Mount Garage Door takes the concept of a Flush Panel Garage Door and runs so far ahead that it deserves to be in a category all by itself.

Of course the most visible (or should I say invisible) difference is that a Flush Mount Garage Door completely blends in with the Exterior Wall. For the most stunning effects,  the Exterior Wall, around the Garage Door, should be a Feature Wall which is flat and has some eye-catching cladding.

Having the exact same cladding for the Flush Mount Garage Door and the Exterior Wall, is only part of the visual appeal. The challenge is to make the Garage Door seem seamless with the Exterior Wall.

This requires some engineering ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Hardware Requirement for Garage Door Flush with Exterior Wall

It is the Garage Door Hardware that converts a standard Steel Garage Door or a Flush Panel Garage Door into a Flush Mount Garage Door. To make a Garage Door Flush with Exterior Wall, you need to change the following hardware:

  1. The corner where the vertical track curves into the horizontal track
  2. The door jamb where the vertical track is attached to the garage wall

The Curve

The standard Garage Door Tracks are modified to become Low Headroom Garage Door Tracks. This requires the addition of another horizontal track on top of the existing one.

This system is referred to as the dual track system. The top section of the garage door follows the upper track. The following three sections follow the original lower track.

Garage Door Flush With Exterior Wall 1

The Jamb

The Garage Door Jamb and the brackets that attach the vertical track to the jamb are modified such that the garage door is flush with the exterior wall when closed.

Garage Door Flush With Exterior Wall 2

About Glideaway Garage Door Company

Glideaway has been involved in the New Zealand door industry for more than 35 years. They have a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to specialist door systems.

Their goal is to provide you with the best door system best suited for your application.

Glideaway manufactures, imports, supplies and installs door systems for any application – big or small. Whether simple or complicated, they offer you a full package from door design through to door installation.

Glideaway can help with your door requirements anywhere in New Zealand through their network of dealers and installers. They supply and install throughout New Zealand, Australia & the Pacific Islands.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an affiliate for GLIDEAWAY or any of the Garage Door companies listed in this post. I do not get any benefit, financial or otherwise, by promoting the company & its products. I do it simply because I believe they have products that may benefit the readers of this post. Please make your own decisions.

Who can Install a Garage Door Flush with Exterior Wall

As mentioned before installing a Garage Door Flush with Exterior Wall requires both engineering ingenuity and craftsmanship. The demand for such doors is fairly limited and each door has to be custom designed and installed. No wonder, none of the big players in the Garage Door industry are involved.

The US & Canada

Tungsten Royce, USA

Tungsten Royce can do wonders with Garage Doors. Below is the excerpt from their home page. Need I say more!

Brace yourself. Tungsten Royce is about to blow your mind.
People call us Rebels. Rule Breakers. Risk Takers. You’ll call us Gifted. Visionaries. Artists.

Here at Tungsten Royce located in Orange County, California, we have an unhealthy obsession for the art of woodworking, and it shows in every custom garage door or gate that leaves our state of the art warehouse. We can make it big. We can make it bold. We can make it beautiful. Heck, we can make it anything you want. But there is one thing we always make it – unbelievable.

Garage Door Flush with Exterior Wall

Super Sneaky USA & Canada

Super Sneaky started off in Canada but is now doing installations in the US. mainly on the west coast. The Super Sneaky Flush Mount Garage Door System has two different design styles … ones that operate between the jamb, under the header, the other closes against a jamb and has internal weather seal system, depending on your climate and building code zone areas.

Modern Doors, Canada

Modern Doors Canada specialize in Flush Mount Garage Door made from Solid Wood. Their collection takes pride in exceptional finishes and uses fresh & latest materials. Do you prefer minima, clean and crisp? Then you will surely fall in love with our modern doors. The authentic beauty of their doors lies in timeless designs that are stylish, classy, minimalist, clean and crisp.

Australia & New Zealand

Garage Door Flush with Exterior Wall are a lot more popular in Australia, New Zealand and the neighboring Pacific Islands. Some of the better known brands are:

Glideaway, New Zealand

I have already talked about Glideaway in the section above. Please do contact them by visiting their website if you live in New Zealand, Australia & the Pacific Islands.

Prestige Doors, New Zealand

Prestige Doors, New Zealand manufactures Flush Mount Garage Doors using welded aluminum frames which are a lighter and better looking alternative than the conventional steel frame.

The key to a successful Flush Mount Garage Door lies in the installation. Even being slightly off target can completely change the aesthetic of the garage door. So they work with some of the best Garage Door installers in the industry to ensure the highest accuracy.

Geelong Garage Doors, Australia

Geelong Garage Doors specialize in making and installing Flush Finish Tilt Doors.

Smartech, Australia

Smartech Façade Garage Doors are uniquely designed to carry a large variety of custom cladding including heavy materials such as hardwood timber. This allows using the same materials for your garage door as you use for the façade so that it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your home.

Thank you very much for reading the post. I do hope you found it informative and useful.

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