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Ensuring the best lighting for high ceiling garages can be challenging to say the least. For most people, high ceilinged garages are not the norm. Generally speaking, you would go for a standard height of 8 – 10 feet.

However, there are situations when the garage ceiling can be considerably higher (and I will get into the specifics shortly). So, what are the considerations for ensuring the best lighting for high ceiling garages.

Here I take a deep dive into the problem of providing for the Ensuring the best lighting for high ceiling garages. I will go into every aspect, including the reasons, fixture selection, brightness levels, etc.

Best Lighting for High Ceiling Garages

When Do You Need a High Ceiling Garage?

Several reasons can drive the decision to build or have a high-ceiling garage:

  1. Storage of Tall Items: A high-ceiling garage provides ample vertical space for storing tall items such as ladders, bicycles, and sporting equipment without sacrificing floor space.
  2. Vehicle Lifts: Enthusiasts or professionals may opt for high ceilings to accommodate vehicle lifts, allowing the stacking of cars or creating a workspace underneath for repairs and maintenance.
  3. RV or Boat Storage: High ceilings are advantageous for storing large recreational vehicles (RVs) or boats, providing the necessary clearance and accommodating their height and size.
  4. Workshop or Studio Space: Homeowners may choose a high-ceiling garage to convert part of the space into a workshop or art studio. The additional height allows for the installation of machinery or facilitates the creation of a mezzanine for office space.
  5. Increased Ventilation: Higher ceilings contribute to better air circulation and ventilation, reducing the buildup of heat and fumes, which can be beneficial in garages used for automotive work or as workshops.
  6. Future Expansion: Building a garage with a high ceiling allows for flexibility and future expansion. It provides options for adding storage racks, shelving, or additional functionality as needs evolve over time.
  7. Aesthetic Appeal: High ceilings can enhance the overall aesthetic of the garage, creating a more open and spacious feel. This can be desirable for those who view the garage as an extension of their living space.
  8. Resale Value: A high-ceiling garage may add to the resale value of a property, especially if potential buyers are looking for versatile spaces or have specific needs like RV storage or a workshop.
  9. Customization: Homeowners with unique requirements, such as installing specialized equipment or accommodating specific hobbies, may opt for high ceilings to allow for customization without spatial constraints.
  10. Lighting Options: Higher ceilings provide more options for lighting fixtures, including the installation of overhead lighting or skylights, contributing to a well-lit and functional workspace.

Ultimately, the decision to build or have a high-ceiling garage depends on individual needs, preferences, and how the space will be utilized.

Best Lighting for High Ceiling Garages Starts with the Right Fixtures

The best lighting for high ceiling garages must start with the choosing of the right fixtures.

High-bay lights, with their powerful downward illumination will provide the best lighting for high ceiling garages. They efficiently cover the expanse, ensuring no dark corners.

LED panels are another excellent choice. They offer bright, uniform light without the harshness of traditional bulbs. Easy on the eyes, they’re energy-efficient and last a long time.

Linear fixtures, like strip lights, provide a sleek, modern look while delivering ample light across the length of your garage. Their versatility makes them a favorite for best lighting for high ceiling garages.

Choose any option, depending on your preference. High-bay lights for wide coverage, LED panels for energy efficiency, and linear fixtures for a contemporary touch.

Achieving the Right Brightness

Achieving the right light brightness in high-ceiling garages is challenging due to:

  1. Distance and Light Spread: The increased distance from the light source to the floor results in light diffusion and reduced brightness, making it harder to illuminate the entire space adequately.
  2. Shadow Formation: Higher ceilings contribute to more pronounced shadows, especially in corners or beneath objects, requiring careful positioning of light fixtures to minimize shadowed areas.
  3. Inefficient Light Distribution: Traditional fixtures may not efficiently distribute light across the vertical expanse, leading to uneven brightness levels and dark spots in certain areas.
  4. Installation Height: Fixtures installed at greater heights become less effective in delivering focused and bright illumination, necessitating specialized fixtures or careful planning for optimal performance.

The brightness of a workspace is measured by lumens per square foot. For a garage 20 lumens per square foot is considered adequate. The requirement for the workshop area is much higher at around 70 – 100 lumens per square foot.

The brightness of the garage depends on how high the light bulbs are above the floor.

The illumination intensity on a surface is inversely proportional to the square of its distance from the light source.

The Engineering Tool Box

In simple terms, the same 1000 lumens light bulb will make a work desk four times as bright as the garage floor. This is because the garage floor is twice as far as the work d

For more insight, please check out my earlier article Is 5000 Lumens Good for a Garage? (Find Out Now!)

The Benefits of LED Lighting

When it comes to the best lighting for high ceiling garages, LED lights are the top choice for a bunch of awesome reasons.

Energy Efficiency

LED lights are like eco-friendly superstars. They use way less energy than traditional bulbs, saving you money on your bills.

Lumens is a measure of the brightness from a light source whereas Watts is a measure of the energy it consumes. The table below clearly demonstrates the energy efficiency of LED lights

Energy Efficiency
Light SourceEnergy Efficiency


LEDs have serious staying power. They last way longer than other bulbs, so you won’t have to keep changing them.

Typical Average Rated Life for Various Types of Bulbs

Incandescent750-2,000 hours
Fluorescent24,000-36,000 hours
HID10,000-24,000 hours
Compact Fluorescent (Plug-in)10,000-20,000 hours
Compact Fluorescent (Screw-based)8,000-10,000 hours
Halogen2,000-4,000 hours
LED40,000-50,000 hours

Data Source: Bulbs.Com

Some other benefits of LEDs are that they are:

  • Cool and Safe
  • Come in a Wide Temperature Range
  • Do not Flicker
  • Need Almost No Maintenance
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Low on Operating Costs

For best lighting for high ceiling garages consider installing:

LED High Bay Light Super Bright Dimmable

LED High Bay Light Super Bright

  • Super Bright, 22500 Lumen, 600W Equivalent
  • Easy Installation, Plug and Play, Safety Features
  • Durable, IP65 Waterproof, Die-cast Aluminum
  • Reliable 5-Year Warranty, ETL Certified
  • Unique Design, Innovative Heat Dissipation, Lightweight

Installation Height for G GJIA Supper Bright High Bay Led Lights

high bay lights

Pair them with Motion Sensors and Smart Lighting

To get the best lighting for high ceiling garages, pair LEDs with motion sensors and smart lighting systems for increased efficiency and convenience.

Motion sensors activate lights only when necessary, saving energy and costs. Smart lighting systems allow remote control, enabling you to schedule lighting operations and add a futuristic touch to your garage.

For more information check out my earlier blog, 7 Amazing Benefits of LED Garage Lights with Motion Sensors!

Thank you very much for reading the post. I do hope you found it informative and useful.

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