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How To Store Surfboards In Garage?

It is beginning to get cold. Winter is approaching. You know that you would not be surfing much now and it is time to store your surfboard. But how to store surfboards in your garage the right way? 

To store surfboards in garage the right way, you need to

  • Prepare the surfboard for storage
  • Keep the surfboard in the board bag
  • Use a surfboard storage rack

Surfboard garage storage is the most convenient and safe option. There are almost limitless ways to store surfboards in the garage. Which is the right way? 

This post is intended for the beginner. For a person like you, who has found a new excitement in life. Of course you have a ton of questions about this sport and the storage of your surfboard.

In this post I will tell you about surfboards for beginners, preparing a surfboard for storage, surfboard storage ideas and also how to take care of your surfboard.

Surfboards for Beginners

If you are a beginner like me you must have been quite overwhelmed by the range of surfboards available in the market.  Friends and Pros would have told you that it is best to match your weight & skill level to the surfboard volume.

The surfboard volume is higher for higher weight and a lower skill level.

If you are yet to buy your first surfboard or are considering buying another one for yourself or a family member, check out this easy to use volume calculator on FIREWIRE.

A beginner should learn to surf on a longer-size board. The rule of thumb, at least for a beginner, is that the board length should be 3’ more than your height.

Once you get into surfing, chances are that your entire family will get involved too. A shared interest in surfing is certainly great for spending quality time with your family on weekends! 

Of course this also means quite a few surfboards, of different sizes, to store in the garage!

Preparing for Storage

For you to have a real fun day surfing, your surfboard needs to be waxed. Wax on the surfboard is what turns it from “slippery” to “grippy”. Without the wax you would have a much harder time staying on the board. That would not be much fun!

Old wax needs to be removed and a new layer applied, usually once every 3 months. As long as you are surfing pretty regularly. 

However, once you are ready to store your surfboard in the garage for the winter, you must clean off all the wax on it. To do that you need the wax to soften up.

How to De-wax?

If the sun is out and it’s a hot day, just leave the surfboards outdoors for 10-15 mts. That should do it. But if you must do the wax softening indoors, use a hairdryer or infrared heat lamps. 

Once the wax has softened, you can scrape off most of it using a wax comb (Amazon Link to Sticky Bumps Wax Comb) or even an old credit card.

Some surfers claim that de-waxing can be made easier and more effective if you sprinkle some flour on the softened wax, let it settle in and then rub with a tissue (with some pressure of course). Learn this technique from an avid surfer on tickettoride.

There will still be some remaining. You need to remove this using a wax remover. (Amazon Link to Sticky Bumps Wax Remover or Pickle Wax The Remover). Apply, leave for 30 secs and then wipe with a cleaning rag or towel.

Your surfboard should look as good as new.

Board Bags

Unless your house is right on the beach, I am sure you would have bought a Surfboard Day Bag to make it easier and safer to lug the surfboards around. If not, get one before your board gets scratched or nicked. 

Though pricier than some other brands, Pro – Lite (available on Amazon) are very good value for money. It may be your second best investment, after the surfboard of course.

Keep two things in mind when buying a board bag; adequate padding and UV reflectance. A predominantly white or silvery board will reflect heat from the sun and keep your boards cooler.

Use the Day Bag for Storage

By the way a good Day Bag is good enough for regular use and storage of surfboards in the garage. You do not have to invest in a Travel Bag, unless you often go surfing to exotic surfing destinations by flight.

Day Bags also protect your surfboard from the dust or minor hits while they are sitting in your garage waiting for warmer weather. So once you have de-waxed your board, place it in the Day Bag for storage.

You often see pictures of surfboards stored for display, without board bags. These are pictures for Instagram, Pinterest or Surfboard websites. Clearly the objective is just to take a pretty picture, not store the surfboard safely.

Why Store Surfboards in the Garage?

I am tempted to reply with a counter question. Why not?

Light hearted talk aside, it is safe to assume that your house is not on the beach. Which means you drive to the beach with your surfboards and then drive back with them. Surfboards are big, especially the longboards for beginners. 

How would it work out, lugging them down to the basement or upto the spare room upstairs? Garage is the place to store surfboards, by default.

Comfortable Garage Conditions

Some people worry that their garage is not up to it for surfboard storage. Surfboards do require that the storage space conditions are similar to the conditions in which we can live and work comfortably.

This means that your garage should be well insulated, damp free and dust free.

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Surfboard Storage Ideas

Surfboards can be stored horizontally or vertically. You will need a stand or a rack especially if you are storing multiple surfboards. 

In either case you also have the option of having the rack as free standing or as fixed to the wall. A free standing rack gives you a bit more flexibility as you can reposition it within the garage if you decide to re-arrange stuff in your garage.

Horizontal Storage

Horizontal Wall Mounted Surfboard Storage racks are great for storing multiple board. A very elegant choice for a family of four, all surfers, is this Wood Home Storage Mount System from StoreYourBoard and available at Amazon.

StoreYourBoard Timber Surfboard Wall Rack, Holds 4 Surfboards, Wood Home Storage Mount System, Natural
Store Surfboards in Garage - Timber Surfboard Wall Rack
  • SOLID WOOD STORAGE: made from solid hardwood with a gorgeous finish to store 4 surfboards in your home, garage, beach house or surf shop
  • HEAVY DUTY, PROTECTIVE: holds 20 lbs. per level with cork padding to protect your surf boards from scratches and dings
  • FITS ALL SURFBOARDS: with 9″ of space between levels, fits longboards, shortboards, thrusters, fish, fun shapes, wavestorms, foam boards and more

In the horizontal configuration there is another possibility. You can store the surfboards above your head close to the ceiling. If you have a high ceilinged garage this is a great option for long term storage. Not so great if you have to get the board down every weekend.

StoreYourBoard Double SUP & Surf Ceiling Storage Rack, Hi Port 2 Overhead Hanger Mount, Home & Garage (Large (25″ Arms))
Store Surfboards in Garage - surfboard ceiling rack
  • HEAVY-DUTY STEEL: Built to hold up to 150 lbs (75 lbs per side), that’s multiple boards at home, garage, or paddle shop.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Adjust the center column adjust from 10″ to 18″ tall to provide you exactly the storage thickness that fits your space and storage needs; remove the arms with the push of a button.

A lot of people prefer the vertical wall mounted storage option as they believe it saves space. This is true if you do not have much use of the wall space above a certain height. 

To me the other great advantage of a vertical wall mounted surfboard storage rack is that it is a lot more convenient. Even your kid can very easily pick out his or her board without any help.

StoreYourBoard Vertical Timber Surfboard Wall Rack, Holds 6 Surfboards, Home and Garage Storage Mount System (Natural)
Store Surfboards in Garage - Vertical Surfboard Wall Rack
  • VERTICAL SURFBOARD STORAGE: Hard wood surfboard wall storage rack/display mount for garage & home
  • PROTECT YOUR BOARDS: Heavy duty natural wood rack arms with cork padding protect from dings and scratches
  • WHAT SURFBOARDS FIT?: 8.5″ between rack arms, enough to fit longboards, shortboards, thrusters, wavestorms, funshapes, catch surfboards, and more
  • FURNITURE QUALITY: Hardwood construction with natural wood furniture style finish; not your dowel and pipe foam surf rack!

Take Care of your Surfboard

Taking good care of your surfboard will ensure a longer life for them. It will also make surfing more fun for you.

Keep it Cool

While on the beach, but not in the water, keep your board in the shade. The board expands in the heat and contracts when it cools down in the water. Extreme change in temperature can cause your board to delaminate.

Boards are designed for the ocean. However, salt on the board for extended periods can be corrosive. So when you are done surfing, wash it with fresh water and wipe it dry with a beach towel before putting it in the board bag. 

Basically treat your board the same way you would treat yourself.

Wax Regularly

Regular waxing of your board makes it easier for you to stay on the board. The wax is there to give a better grip. But with time the wax begins to wear off, especially in the area where you stand on the board. 

You need to de-wax your board (process already explained earlier) every 3 months or so and apply a new coat of wax. Do not apply the new coat of wax only when you are ready to store it for a few months in winter.

Repair Dings

As a beginner, your surfboard will get more than its fair share of dings. Dings are a part of a surfer’s life. Some will happen accidently. But many you can avoid by being careful. 

  • Invest in a good quality, well padded board bag.
  • Avoid surfing in areas which have small underwater rocks or reefs in the shallow waters.

You can repair the minor dings yourself. Always keep a tube of UV Solar Resin and some sand paper in your board bag. 

If you can’t do it yourself take your board to the repair shop before you get back into the water. 

The thing about dings is to repair them as soon as you can. Do not get back in the water without patching them up. A dinged up board will take in water and that will be the beginning of its end.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you need a place to keep your surfboards at your home, when you are not on the beach surfing. You also need to store them for a few months, during winter, when you won’t be surfing.

Your garage is the most obvious place for this. Surfboard garage storage is the most convenient and safe option.

To store surfboards in garage the right way, you need to

  • Prepare the surfboard for storage
  • Keep the surfboard in the board bag
  • Use a surfboard storage rack
  • A vertical wall mounted wall rack is the best for convenience
  • A surfboard ceiling rack may not be as convenient, but is a great space saver

Thank you very much for reading the post. I do hope you found it informative and useful.

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