About Ted B.

Hi! I am Ted

As a kid, I loved following my Dad, as he pottered around the garage, always fixing something or making it better! He taught me respect for working with your hands.

I have a degree in Engineering. I worked in the building materials industry for over 30 years. I started off in manufacturing, moved to customer service and finally to project management,

I am not a PRO at DIY, but I have a pretty good grasp of how things work! I like to think that I can explain all that I know, to you, in simple words!

I believe a Garage can be made Simple

Do you find it difficult to get information on garages, that you can easily understand and actually use?

You are not alone. I had the exact same problem. There are two types of persons writing on garages.

Experts, eager to show off their expertise. Usually great stuff! But very difficult to understand most of the time.

Beginners, bubbling to share what they have done. Exciting experiences, but maybe too personalized and biased.

I like to think that I am able to present the technical information in words that you can easily understand. I try to keep things simple!

Maybe it has to do with my practical knowledge of building materials, combined with my experience in customer relations.

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